Eric Rosoff, MD
Psychotherapy & Psychopharmacology


 I am a board certified psychiatrist practicing in West Los Angeles. I am also a staff psychiatrist at UCLA Medical Center.

I treat individuals ages 16 years and older, and I offer a holistic approach that begins with a comprehensive psychiatric assessment.

I treat people with a range of problems - relationships, family, self-esteem, identity, life transitions, meaning, career.

And I treat people with a range of disorders - depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, substance use.

I work with individuals, couples, and families. The aim is not only to relieve suffering, but to thrive.

I provide psychotherapy myself or I work in a split treatment model with an existing therapist.

I believe our stories, our experiences, and our identity are transactional with our neurobiology, and form an important part of what makes us unique in who we are and what we need. My treatment philosophy is to work with you as a team, collaboratively cultivating strength, wellness, and meaning through our therapeutic relationship. Working together, we identify barriers and implement strength-based approaches to overcome them. 

We collaborate to compose an individualized mental health treatment plan. Optimal mental health care can include medication management, laboratory and genetic testing, individual psychotherapy, couples/family therapy, nutritional supplementation, meditation and exercise. Part of the process is ruling out any other medical causes of mental health symptoms.

I have expertise with issues surrounding:

  • sexual and gender identity in individuals and families
  • finding greater reward in creative work and expression
  • finding greater reward in public service and community leadership
  • race, gender, immigration, religion
  • career changing
  • difficult relationships between individuals and their childhood family
  • end-of-life decision making
  • grief, bereavement, and loss