Eric Rosoff, MD
Psychotherapy & Psychopharmacology


I am a board certified adult psychiatrist practicing in West Los Angeles and maintain a position with the Faculty Practice Group at UCLA. I treat individuals (age 16+), couples, and families. I offer a holistic approach that begins with a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. I provide psychotherapy myself, or I work collaboratively with your therapist.

I treat people with a range of problems - relationships, family, self-esteem, meaning, identity, life transitions, and career concerns.

And I treat people with a range of disorders - depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, and substance use.

Treatment Philosophy and Approach
Our neurobiology (“nature”) and experiences (“nurture”) in tandem tell the story of who we are. Working together, you and I will expand our understanding of what makes your story unique, plotting a roadmap not only to relieve suffering - but to thrive. Through our therapeutic relationship, we cultivate wellness, and meaning as we identify strength-based approaches to overcome barriers.

Together we will build your mental health treatment plan. This may consist of medication management, individual psychotherapy, meditation, exercise, couples & family therapy, nutrition, lab testing, genetic testing to guide medication selection & dosing, and treatment of any causative or related medical problems.

I have expertise with issues surrounding:

  • sexual and gender identity in individuals and families
  • race, gender, immigration, religion
  • public service and community leadership
  • career and life transitions
  • work-life balance and creative fulfillment
  • adult and childhood trauma
  • family conflict and estrangement
  • end-of-life decision making
  • grief, bereavement, and loss